Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Michale Graves appreciation

Have gotten distracted watching old Misfits videos and thought I'd share some of my fave pics (found online, they're not mine!) of former singer Michale Graves. I'm not usually one for built or muscley guys but I do think he's rather dishy! Here he is putting on his stage make-up. I love the tattoo on his shoulder of the 'Frankenstein' style stitches.

And here he is with red hair, finished make-up and fake blood, a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Even lil' monsters need a break!

And I love this one. Nothing like a good cuppa with your mates! Chin chin!

Pretty sure that's Jerry Only with the coffee cup there. This is my new favorite picture ever!

Coming Soon - 'A Bar Tender Tale' (c) 2011

As in my website's 'Coming Soon' section I'm pleased to announce that I have a new novella to be released with Dreamspinner early next year (more details as and when they come).

It's a cute short story, and probably the 'fluffiest' I'll ever get!
More details nearer the time as I don't want to spoil it, but my main character is a young barman called Nathan who finds it hard to meet another gay man who shares his interests - namely punk rock, tattoos, zombies and B-movies.

When writing Nathan, I chose to step into a more punk rock persona. Nathan's musical tastes range from punk rock to psychobilly and surf rock, as illustrated in the story. Upon release I shall be doing a 'Sound track of' for each song/band mentioned, including my friend's band, but for now just a taster of things to come.

(c) Melanie Tushmore 2011 
Expected release early 2012.

The Cramps - 'You Got Good Taste'
Performed live, not sure of the date but one would assume this is in the '80s.
The Cramps are the most sleazy, fun party rock you could possibly dance to, with the coolest female guitarist, Poison Ivy. If you've never heard The Cramps before you haven't lived.

RIP Lux Interior.


The Misfits - 'Dig Up Her Bones'
Video, late '90s.
One of my fave vids, what I like about it is the switching between the fun live shots onstage and the studio 'graveyard' shots with singer Michale Graves' rather adorable smile. And the big fat, pet moth crawling up his arm.
Including a cameo from 'The Crimson Ghost' of course. If you've never heard The Misfits before this is a good place to start, as while the music is pretty fast the vocals in contrast start off slow and soft.
Get ready to point at the sky for the chorus!

Friday, 16 September 2011