Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween! 'Shadowman' photo shoot


Ever since reading 'His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood' by Poppy Z. Brite I've absolutely loved the idea of a young, white boy being a voodoo priest. In Brite's story, set in New Orleans, the voodoo priest is Cajun (hence the being white) and preys on his victims in goth clubs.
Mixing the interest of the voodoo world with alternative subculture has been stuck in my mind for a decade, since reading Brite's story. I love anything set in New Orleans, old voodoo, witchcraft, and of course underground subculture.

Recently, Disney brought out a new animated romp 'The Princess and the Frog' which had an awesome baddie, Dr. Facilier, a voodoo witch doctor referred to as 'the shadowman.'
It reignited my love of this imagery (painted faces, top hats, skull-topped canes) and together with make-up artist Bebe Newson and photographer T. D'Villas we decided to collaborate on a project!


I aimed release a new short story for Halloween 2011. I had an idea based around a haunted house motif, largely from mine and my friend's experiences. I spent a couple of weeks researching British based magic and different eras to set the story in, as it would be a British story, and started writing.
I'm not good at shorts. My short story over-flowed into lots of chapters, and I realised this would be a great story if I spent more time on it.
So at the moment, the haunted house story has been put to the side (sob sob) but it will be released hopefully 2012.


However, the photographic project for the eventual front cover would still go ahead. Mostly as I wanted to grab my friend Matt to model for us while he was around.
Without giving too much away, Matt is modelling one of my modern day, normal human characters who has dressed up on Halloween.
We loved the pics that came out (well actually I don't think Matt's seen them yet but I'm sure you'll agree he looks fabulous!)
Big thanks to Bebe for make-up, T. D'Villas for yet more awesome photos, The Regency Hotel Brighton for the space, and of course Matt!

These are a few of my favourite shots from the shoot...

For more shots from this shoot visit my website's Gallery or the photographer T. D'Villas at Two Pistols

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Price of Falling re-release

I'm very pleased to announce that my first novel The Price of Falling has been re-released by Two Pistols for October 2011.

It is still the same price of £1.99 where you can buy on Amazon, or drop me a line for an email copy.

Those who have already purchased the book, fear not, there are no major changes. Some very, very small amendments to the wording here and there.

The most notable difference is the change to US spelling, general spelling/grammar, and use of normal speech marks.

(Yes, I have to play by the rules now! lol)
If you already purchased a copy some time ago and want to ask about receiving an up to date copy, get in touch!

For now, check out my blog post for fellow author and general awesome person, Kay Berrisford

In Kay's blog I talk about the music in my stories and post an extract from my book.
Check it out here

And look out for my new free read coming out on Halloween! :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

The best glam is from Scandinavia

Who started glam? Bowie, Elton John, Marc Bolan? Arguably the Brits.
But what we started in glam the Scandinavians finished - and are still doing it better than anyone else.

Keep your 'glam lite' bands who only put their lipstick on for stage performances, I want true glam!

The band that everybody (yes, everybody!) tried to copy in the '80s, Finland's
Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks, as they were 'back in the day'. Below, live footage of 'I can't get it' from around 1984.

Singer Mike Monroe, spawning the 'is that a man or a woman?' look for many, many copy-cat glam bands for the rest of the '80s. And here's Mike a little later on...

Now a jump forward to the '90s, Sweden's Backyard Babies

Pic circa '98/'99.

At a time where everyone I knew was listening to some truly dire music, I thank the powers that be for bands like Backyard Babies who have kept the Scandinavian 'glam flag' flying high.
Video 'Look At You', fast, funny and very punky glam.

Yes, that is the drummer about to eat a hot dog...

From the early '90s up until right now, Backyard Babies are currently on a 'long hiatus', which brings me to why I have linked these two bands together for this blog post.
BYB have always been friends with other glammies, including Danko Jones, Ginger from The Wildhearts and of course Mike Monroe. All the above mentioned have guested on various Backyard Babies songs, my favourites being 'Friends' and 'Babylon' (Faster Pussycat cover mixed with Beastie Boys).

Now Mike Monroe has a new album out, 'Sensory Overload', with some killer artwork I might add...

And guess who's in his new band? Dregen from Backyard Babies, of course!
Here they are... (centre- Mike, centre right- Dregen)

And they are touring the United States in October RIGHT NOW so I strongly recommend you check out their tour dates right here and get yourself along to a show.
I know I'll be in the front row when they come back around to the UK.

For news and updates check out the official website MICHAEL MONROE.

Long live glam!