Friday, 28 October 2011

The Price of Falling re-release

I'm very pleased to announce that my first novel The Price of Falling has been re-released by Two Pistols for October 2011.

It is still the same price of £1.99 where you can buy on Amazon, or drop me a line for an email copy.

Those who have already purchased the book, fear not, there are no major changes. Some very, very small amendments to the wording here and there.

The most notable difference is the change to US spelling, general spelling/grammar, and use of normal speech marks.

(Yes, I have to play by the rules now! lol)
If you already purchased a copy some time ago and want to ask about receiving an up to date copy, get in touch!

For now, check out my blog post for fellow author and general awesome person, Kay Berrisford

In Kay's blog I talk about the music in my stories and post an extract from my book.
Check it out here

And look out for my new free read coming out on Halloween! :)

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