Monday, 21 November 2011

Slimelight - goth heaven!

Since 1987 there has been a weekly mecca for goths and the general misfits of London to pose in - Slimelight!

Doesn't look much from the outside - this is a club called Electrowerkz, which was used as a paint balling venue back in the day. Which explained why the Slimelight goo on the floor and walls was always a dark muddy purple colour!

Every Saturday night was and still is, Slimelight, which caters for goth music. It's definitely a lot different now, especially to how I remember it! (see my music blog for classic goth tunes)

Now, why am I posting about Slimelight?

I'm currently writing a series about a (fictional) goth rock band Crucifox, who are a bunch of goths hailing from London.
For Halloween I wrote a short prequel to my series, which you can read free online 

In my prequel, anyone who knows the alt scene in London can probably guess where I'm setting scenes. The story starts at The Dev, which is a little goth pub in Camden. Then the characters head out to Slimelight, which is close to Angel tube station, not far from Kings Cross.

Ah the memories of travelling on the tube, trussed up in ridiculous clubbing outfits, getting stared at and even assaulted just for looking different. But once you descended down that dark alley and entered Slimelight, you were amongst your own.

However, I have to say that three floors full of beautiful, amazing looking people could certainly niggle at your confidence! When I was first introduced to Slimelight as a teenager, I felt EXTREMELY underdressed. And short. Subsequently, each time I went after that I was trying to do one better, and one better... Hair ten feet tall, outfits that consisted of barely nothing, platform boots that were more like stilts...

Ah, those were the days!

This is a view of the middle floor, empty!

That's the bar on the left, some tables on the right, and straight ahead is the dance floor. There were exit/entrance doors at each end, so you could basically walk around the club/up and down the myriad stairs all night, which most people did, in their own little worlds...

Sadly, Slimelight always had a No Photos policy. So searching for any photos of the club in full swing will bring up very little. Even my old photos of me and my friends getting ready to go out can't be scanned in, as modern scanners don't take full photo albums! Perhaps I will try...if I'm feeling brave!

And this is the top floor...

Again, doesn't look much in normal lights. This is the floor they hire out for bands now, apparently.
That bloody step in the middle there always tripped me up! I wasn't the only one though.
In the far left corner, the humongous unisex toilets, which was more of a hang out and pick up area....
Pick ups only if you were compus mentus, however!

Random memories... when I first fell over in high heels, into a man's lap. Ria's beautiful UV flowers in her hair. Dawn's amazing high heels. Paul in his nurse's uniform. Other Paul and his fairy wand. Marky almost punching me in the face whilst doing his energetic industrial dancing.... and so many other memories that had best stay wrapped up XD

For my sound track on the music to Slimelight, visit my music blog here on wordpress.

Crucifox #1 will hopefully be released in March 2013. Hurruh!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

blog tour 'The Price of Falling'

Have been hijacking other people's lovely blogs for 'The Price of Falling'
so just thought I'd put all the links here to find :o)

Kay Berrisford's blog -  I've posted about 'written soundtracks'; why I write about music in my story/ what music adds to the atmosphere, and including a short excerpt of the character Mike being introduced to the band 'Rev Co'.

Michael Mandrake's blog 'A Gay Man Inside A Female Body' - I've posted answers to Michael's author questions, including what I think about replying to reviews, where I get inspiration, and seeing naked men!
Also with an excerpt of my characters on the dark cliff in the woods, before 'the deed' gets done!

Piper & MJ's blog - 'Babes In Boyland' -  GIVEAWAY TIME!! Until sunday 20th Nov there's still a chance to enter your name in to win one of two copies of 'The Price of Falling'! Visit Piper & MJ's blog to enter.
I've posted about high school romance, peer pressure, and falling in love! Ahh.
Also with an excerpt of when Mike first speaks to Jason, which doesn't go particularly well!
Good luck in the competition :o)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween! 'Shadowman' photo shoot


Ever since reading 'His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood' by Poppy Z. Brite I've absolutely loved the idea of a young, white boy being a voodoo priest. In Brite's story, set in New Orleans, the voodoo priest is Cajun (hence the being white) and preys on his victims in goth clubs.
Mixing the interest of the voodoo world with alternative subculture has been stuck in my mind for a decade, since reading Brite's story. I love anything set in New Orleans, old voodoo, witchcraft, and of course underground subculture.

Recently, Disney brought out a new animated romp 'The Princess and the Frog' which had an awesome baddie, Dr. Facilier, a voodoo witch doctor referred to as 'the shadowman.'
It reignited my love of this imagery (painted faces, top hats, skull-topped canes) and together with make-up artist Bebe Newson and photographer T. D'Villas we decided to collaborate on a project!


I aimed release a new short story for Halloween 2011. I had an idea based around a haunted house motif, largely from mine and my friend's experiences. I spent a couple of weeks researching British based magic and different eras to set the story in, as it would be a British story, and started writing.
I'm not good at shorts. My short story over-flowed into lots of chapters, and I realised this would be a great story if I spent more time on it.
So at the moment, the haunted house story has been put to the side (sob sob) but it will be released hopefully 2012.


However, the photographic project for the eventual front cover would still go ahead. Mostly as I wanted to grab my friend Matt to model for us while he was around.
Without giving too much away, Matt is modelling one of my modern day, normal human characters who has dressed up on Halloween.
We loved the pics that came out (well actually I don't think Matt's seen them yet but I'm sure you'll agree he looks fabulous!)
Big thanks to Bebe for make-up, T. D'Villas for yet more awesome photos, The Regency Hotel Brighton for the space, and of course Matt!

These are a few of my favourite shots from the shoot...

For more shots from this shoot visit my website's Gallery or the photographer T. D'Villas at Two Pistols

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Price of Falling re-release

I'm very pleased to announce that my first novel The Price of Falling has been re-released by Two Pistols for October 2011.

It is still the same price of £1.99 where you can buy on Amazon, or drop me a line for an email copy.

Those who have already purchased the book, fear not, there are no major changes. Some very, very small amendments to the wording here and there.

The most notable difference is the change to US spelling, general spelling/grammar, and use of normal speech marks.

(Yes, I have to play by the rules now! lol)
If you already purchased a copy some time ago and want to ask about receiving an up to date copy, get in touch!

For now, check out my blog post for fellow author and general awesome person, Kay Berrisford

In Kay's blog I talk about the music in my stories and post an extract from my book.
Check it out here

And look out for my new free read coming out on Halloween! :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

The best glam is from Scandinavia

Who started glam? Bowie, Elton John, Marc Bolan? Arguably the Brits.
But what we started in glam the Scandinavians finished - and are still doing it better than anyone else.

Keep your 'glam lite' bands who only put their lipstick on for stage performances, I want true glam!

The band that everybody (yes, everybody!) tried to copy in the '80s, Finland's
Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks, as they were 'back in the day'. Below, live footage of 'I can't get it' from around 1984.

Singer Mike Monroe, spawning the 'is that a man or a woman?' look for many, many copy-cat glam bands for the rest of the '80s. And here's Mike a little later on...

Now a jump forward to the '90s, Sweden's Backyard Babies

Pic circa '98/'99.

At a time where everyone I knew was listening to some truly dire music, I thank the powers that be for bands like Backyard Babies who have kept the Scandinavian 'glam flag' flying high.
Video 'Look At You', fast, funny and very punky glam.

Yes, that is the drummer about to eat a hot dog...

From the early '90s up until right now, Backyard Babies are currently on a 'long hiatus', which brings me to why I have linked these two bands together for this blog post.
BYB have always been friends with other glammies, including Danko Jones, Ginger from The Wildhearts and of course Mike Monroe. All the above mentioned have guested on various Backyard Babies songs, my favourites being 'Friends' and 'Babylon' (Faster Pussycat cover mixed with Beastie Boys).

Now Mike Monroe has a new album out, 'Sensory Overload', with some killer artwork I might add...

And guess who's in his new band? Dregen from Backyard Babies, of course!
Here they are... (centre- Mike, centre right- Dregen)

And they are touring the United States in October RIGHT NOW so I strongly recommend you check out their tour dates right here and get yourself along to a show.
I know I'll be in the front row when they come back around to the UK.

For news and updates check out the official website MICHAEL MONROE.

Long live glam!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Michale Graves appreciation

Have gotten distracted watching old Misfits videos and thought I'd share some of my fave pics (found online, they're not mine!) of former singer Michale Graves. I'm not usually one for built or muscley guys but I do think he's rather dishy! Here he is putting on his stage make-up. I love the tattoo on his shoulder of the 'Frankenstein' style stitches.

And here he is with red hair, finished make-up and fake blood, a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Even lil' monsters need a break!

And I love this one. Nothing like a good cuppa with your mates! Chin chin!

Pretty sure that's Jerry Only with the coffee cup there. This is my new favorite picture ever!

Coming Soon - 'A Bar Tender Tale' (c) 2011

As in my website's 'Coming Soon' section I'm pleased to announce that I have a new novella to be released with Dreamspinner early next year (more details as and when they come).

It's a cute short story, and probably the 'fluffiest' I'll ever get!
More details nearer the time as I don't want to spoil it, but my main character is a young barman called Nathan who finds it hard to meet another gay man who shares his interests - namely punk rock, tattoos, zombies and B-movies.

When writing Nathan, I chose to step into a more punk rock persona. Nathan's musical tastes range from punk rock to psychobilly and surf rock, as illustrated in the story. Upon release I shall be doing a 'Sound track of' for each song/band mentioned, including my friend's band, but for now just a taster of things to come.

(c) Melanie Tushmore 2011 
Expected release early 2012.

The Cramps - 'You Got Good Taste'
Performed live, not sure of the date but one would assume this is in the '80s.
The Cramps are the most sleazy, fun party rock you could possibly dance to, with the coolest female guitarist, Poison Ivy. If you've never heard The Cramps before you haven't lived.

RIP Lux Interior.


The Misfits - 'Dig Up Her Bones'
Video, late '90s.
One of my fave vids, what I like about it is the switching between the fun live shots onstage and the studio 'graveyard' shots with singer Michale Graves' rather adorable smile. And the big fat, pet moth crawling up his arm.
Including a cameo from 'The Crimson Ghost' of course. If you've never heard The Misfits before this is a good place to start, as while the music is pretty fast the vocals in contrast start off slow and soft.
Get ready to point at the sky for the chorus!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Music is such a huge part of life, and good music is always good inspiration.

When I write anything, I have a soundtack in my head for that story.

'The Price Of Falling', my first book, was written with a sound track in mind that consisted largely of the character's favourite band, Depeche Mode.
I love the lyrics for 'Never Let Me Down Again' and the dramatic music.

In the story I also mention the characters going to a show in Austin, Texas, for the band Revolting Cocks, aka Rev Co.

I did as much research as possible and did find a date in Austin for Rev Co in 1988. Hopefully that's correct!

Rev Co is one of the many side projects for a number of musicians, including Al Jourgensen, the singer from Ministry  \m/

I wanted to mention music/bands that your 'average' reader may not have heard of before, as that was an experience I had when reading my first 'risque' novels, mostly by Poppy Z Brite when she would mention bands with fabulous names like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Cocteau Twins, and so many others.

My aim was to mention music that sounded bizarre and perhaps a little daunting, as my main character was such a straight laced guy the reader would hopefully feel the same dubious reactions as he did when faced with a band named 'Revolting Cocks' !!

I'm in two minds about writing a sequel to 'The Price Of Falling', but if I do I've already got a sound track in mind, as they're in New York in the early 90s  ;p

I just want to include a cover of Rod Stewart by Rev Co, and possibly one of the best rock videos ever created. 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'

FYI Al Jourgensen is the one singing the chorus, the man's head who appears on the stripper's body. Classic.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My first review!

Very happy with my first review in an official capacity

Check it out here at Man Oh Man Reviews

Exerpt of review:

"Ms. Tushmore writes with a realistic honesty that you don't see that often. She managed to capture both personalities of the main characters, and play them up in a way that left me wanting more, even after the book ended."

:D   Yay!

Thank you Man Oh Man reviews!!

It's so lovely to know that people actually like my work and its readable! Hard to imagine when I used to wonder who would ever want to read the stuff I was writing? (Well, no-one would want to read my first penned works, believe me!) But its awesome that so many years after I first started writing I've actually got something out there. Yippee!!

It's here by the way, The Price Of Falling (c) me

I still love the cover.
How will I ever get a cover that looks so good again? Lols

Many thanks to Ria Chantler for her awesome graphic skills!!