Saturday, 19 November 2011

blog tour 'The Price of Falling'

Have been hijacking other people's lovely blogs for 'The Price of Falling'
so just thought I'd put all the links here to find :o)

Kay Berrisford's blog -  I've posted about 'written soundtracks'; why I write about music in my story/ what music adds to the atmosphere, and including a short excerpt of the character Mike being introduced to the band 'Rev Co'.

Michael Mandrake's blog 'A Gay Man Inside A Female Body' - I've posted answers to Michael's author questions, including what I think about replying to reviews, where I get inspiration, and seeing naked men!
Also with an excerpt of my characters on the dark cliff in the woods, before 'the deed' gets done!

Piper & MJ's blog - 'Babes In Boyland' -  GIVEAWAY TIME!! Until sunday 20th Nov there's still a chance to enter your name in to win one of two copies of 'The Price of Falling'! Visit Piper & MJ's blog to enter.
I've posted about high school romance, peer pressure, and falling in love! Ahh.
Also with an excerpt of when Mike first speaks to Jason, which doesn't go particularly well!
Good luck in the competition :o)

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