Monday, 21 November 2011

Slimelight - goth heaven!

Since 1987 there has been a weekly mecca for goths and the general misfits of London to pose in - Slimelight!

Doesn't look much from the outside - this is a club called Electrowerkz, which was used as a paint balling venue back in the day. Which explained why the Slimelight goo on the floor and walls was always a dark muddy purple colour!

Every Saturday night was and still is, Slimelight, which caters for goth music. It's definitely a lot different now, especially to how I remember it! (see my music blog for classic goth tunes)

Now, why am I posting about Slimelight?

I'm currently writing a series about a (fictional) goth rock band Crucifox, who are a bunch of goths hailing from London.
For Halloween I wrote a short prequel to my series, which you can read free online 

In my prequel, anyone who knows the alt scene in London can probably guess where I'm setting scenes. The story starts at The Dev, which is a little goth pub in Camden. Then the characters head out to Slimelight, which is close to Angel tube station, not far from Kings Cross.

Ah the memories of travelling on the tube, trussed up in ridiculous clubbing outfits, getting stared at and even assaulted just for looking different. But once you descended down that dark alley and entered Slimelight, you were amongst your own.

However, I have to say that three floors full of beautiful, amazing looking people could certainly niggle at your confidence! When I was first introduced to Slimelight as a teenager, I felt EXTREMELY underdressed. And short. Subsequently, each time I went after that I was trying to do one better, and one better... Hair ten feet tall, outfits that consisted of barely nothing, platform boots that were more like stilts...

Ah, those were the days!

This is a view of the middle floor, empty!

That's the bar on the left, some tables on the right, and straight ahead is the dance floor. There were exit/entrance doors at each end, so you could basically walk around the club/up and down the myriad stairs all night, which most people did, in their own little worlds...

Sadly, Slimelight always had a No Photos policy. So searching for any photos of the club in full swing will bring up very little. Even my old photos of me and my friends getting ready to go out can't be scanned in, as modern scanners don't take full photo albums! Perhaps I will try...if I'm feeling brave!

And this is the top floor...

Again, doesn't look much in normal lights. This is the floor they hire out for bands now, apparently.
That bloody step in the middle there always tripped me up! I wasn't the only one though.
In the far left corner, the humongous unisex toilets, which was more of a hang out and pick up area....
Pick ups only if you were compus mentus, however!

Random memories... when I first fell over in high heels, into a man's lap. Ria's beautiful UV flowers in her hair. Dawn's amazing high heels. Paul in his nurse's uniform. Other Paul and his fairy wand. Marky almost punching me in the face whilst doing his energetic industrial dancing.... and so many other memories that had best stay wrapped up XD

For my sound track on the music to Slimelight, visit my music blog here on wordpress.

Crucifox #1 will hopefully be released in March 2013. Hurruh!

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