Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Bar Tender Tale - almost here!

Happy New Year!

And what better way to kick off my first blog post with information about a new release  :o)

(There are 2 new releases imminent for 2012, and atm A Bar Tender Tale is in the lead! LOL)

Dreamspinner have kindly set up a page for my ebook on their Coming Soon list, which means....
Sneak preview of the cover art by the ever talented Ria Chantler!
Read the blurb, add to your wish list!
And even read an extract!

Take a looksee right here   

Cover art by Ria Chantler...
Doesn't little Nathan look uber cute?!


Twenty-two-year-old barman Nathan is always the odd one out. It's tough to get a date when his love of loud music, tattoos, and zombie paraphernalia usually sends potential candidates running for the hills. Trying to find anyone who wants to spend time with him, let alone stay in and watch trashy horror movies, has always been a problem.

Then, on his day off, Nathan does a friend a favor by covering a shift at a pub, and in walks a handsome stranger who shares his love of horror. It could be a match made in B-movie heaven, and Nathan is determined to pursue this new acquaintance, but—zombies aside—has Nathan got the guts to go on a real date?

* * *

Ooh er! ;o)

If you want to read an extract, visit the Dreamspinner link here
and click on 'Read an excerpt'

You can also add A Bar Tender Tale on Goodreads

Expected release date 30th January, but please check the Dreamspinner website for updates  :o)

In the meantime, I shall be hurrying with my own website updates for more behind the scenes looks into my work. There have already been a few changes, which you can check out now!



  1. Ooooh~ How cool! I am totally gonna look forward to getting this! xD