Friday, 6 January 2012

The art of music videos

I love music, and I love film. What better thing can there be than a good music video?
Some of them are art in its purest form; expressions of imagination (and other such ramblings)

Without further ado, I'm going to link to some of the most amazing music videos that left an impression on me.

I'm starting with Sepultura's 'Ratamahatta'  circa 1996.

(Now, let's see how much I can recall without actually looking it up!!)

Sepultura are a Brazilian band, the word 'sepultura' means spine. In this song, singer Max is actually singing in Brazilian, if you can call it singing! It ranges from chants, shouts, singing and hacking coughs!

This video is truly fantastic and features some beautiful stop motion animation.
It doesn't even feature the band, not once! All the footage is of models, set in what one would assume is a Brazilian jungle; there's a village, a masked demons, voodoo doctors, spirits and skulls!

It's truly mind blowing, and looks as fresh as anything even today, 15 years later.

I love it because it's like all the darkest and best parts of my own imagination - I adore voodoo witchcraft imagery, and jungle scenes. Who wouldn't?!
It's a kickass song too.

Continuing the 90s theme -

One of my personal faves, White Zombie and 'Electric Head Pt. 2'  circa 1995

Obviously one who understands film and presenting his imagination in full technicolour, Rob Zombie later became a film director (including shooting my fave horror visual fest 'House of 1000 Corpses'!)

What I love about the White Zombie videos, as well as being amazing rock songs, they were so visually full of delights. When at the time - 90s - other bands were all about playing image down and IMHO generally looking very dull and boring, bands like White Zombie were a sight for sore eyes.

Anyone who loves horror films, B movies, general vaudeville and showmanship will appreciate what this band do. Sadly never got to see them live, but did manage to catch Rob Zombie on his first solo tour; amazing live show, and what amused me most was the hollow, see-thru guitar that Riggs used, full of (fake) blood.

I've chosen this video as it's a mix of the band and one of their favourite themes - weird carnival circus freakshow! With some glow in the dark dancing girls. What more could you want? It even opens with a circus train!!

I've going to jump forward to the 'naughties now, to everyone's favourite band, Turbonegro!
Album 'Retox' came out in 2007, and this single was released with arguable one of the coolest videos ever made.

Muted colours/greyscale, amazing animation mixed with the filming, and little cameos of the band singing in the posters on the walls. Really clever, a joy to watch.

'Do Ya Dig Destruction?'

Now, I'm going to end on a somewhat 'kooky' note. If you don't know who Tom Waits is, shame shame -
and go buy his album Blood Money (2002) where this amazing song is from.

Tom Waits - you can still hear his cry of "maaassssterrr!!" from film Bram Stoker's Dracula, haha.
He is utterly incredible, there is non other like him.

This video is beautiful, the song is bizarre, and strangely catchy. I can't describe it much more than that, except for 'look out for the ostriches!'

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