Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My first review!

Very happy with my first review in an official capacity

Check it out here at Man Oh Man Reviews

Exerpt of review:

"Ms. Tushmore writes with a realistic honesty that you don't see that often. She managed to capture both personalities of the main characters, and play them up in a way that left me wanting more, even after the book ended."

:D   Yay!

Thank you Man Oh Man reviews!!

It's so lovely to know that people actually like my work and its readable! Hard to imagine when I used to wonder who would ever want to read the stuff I was writing? (Well, no-one would want to read my first penned works, believe me!) But its awesome that so many years after I first started writing I've actually got something out there. Yippee!!

It's here by the way, The Price Of Falling (c) me

I still love the cover.
How will I ever get a cover that looks so good again? Lols

Many thanks to Ria Chantler for her awesome graphic skills!!

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