Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tush's Ten with Azalea Moone & The Last Road Home

I am very pleased to welcome Azalea Moone to play Tush's Ten Questions! 

Azalea has a brand new release out, 'The Last Road Home', which I absolutely loved and, quite frankly, wanted to know more! If you love carnivals and handsome bad boys, step right up! 

Five Q's about the author

1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

Let’s see. I’m a 30 – something year old from Nebraska. It’s kind of boring here so I fill my time with writing hot M/M erotic romance. Oh, I guess it’s not all that boring, we do have a Carhenge. 

I don’t live anywhere near it, but I’ve been on a vacation just to see it. No, I live on the opposite side of the state, closer to Lincoln. It’s still boring here. I also have a couple of kids, a cat, and a boyfriend, so when I’m not writing, I’m usually pulling up the pants of the family and running the house.

2. What inspires you?

Fellow authors. Seriously, I have met some wonderful M/M romance authors online that really inspire me. I could name names, but the list would go on, and on, and on…
Music also inspires me. No matter the genre, the beat, or the meaning, a single song can inspire a complete story, or my life in general. It’s really been something I turn to for everything since I was little.

3. Describe your writing style in three words:

Sensual, slow, and hawt.

4. What's next in store for you?

A lot. Right now I’m pounding away at edits and working to sub a few manuscripts. I’ve really been interested in urban fantasy and you should see more of that genre in the future from me.

5. Read any good book(s) lately?

The book I just finished reading, Power Play: Resistance by Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz. The entire book is one great big mind fuck for both the readers and characters. It’s one of those that you have to know what’s going to happen next, though, and I’m anxious to read the next book.

Five Q's about the book

'The Last Road Home' 

1. What inspired the idea for your story?

It’s simple really. I spent about nine months on the travelling carnival and decided to write something involving the carnival.

2. The cover is gorgeous. Who are your two main characters?

The main character is Brett, who’s just left home to escape his parent’s conservative ways. So when his car breaks down several thousand miles away from home, he meets Ryan, a sexy bad boy type. Ryan is on his way to go to work at a carnival and offers Brett a job and a chance to make some cash. And… a lot more.

3. The story is set in a travelling fun-fayre. What made you choose this setting?

Again, I wanted something I was familiar with. Since a small scale like the one Brett and Ryan are on is like a little community, there’s tons of drama that I can tap into. Also, the lights, the sky wheel, the sounds, I think Brett is just as amazed by it as I was. 

4. Running away with the fayre; what's the appeal?

To get away. From what? Everything. I ran off because I was sick and tired of the crappy little town I was living in… oh, and I had my eyes on a certain guy. But after getting out there, I learned it’s not a vacation since you have to set up, tear down, be out all day in the heat, then deal with drama if you’re on a smaller show. But it’s awesome travelling, going to different towns, and seeing all sorts of different people.

5. If your book was a movie, what would your budget be, and who would play your characters?

It’d probably be one of those low budget, college elective movies. Seriously, though, some of those are the cutest and best gay flicks I’ve seen. I don’t really have anyone I’d desired to play Brett and Ryan so gimme a couple of hot college guys any day.

* * *

Thanks for playing Tush's Ten!


I blinked in shock as the bright red Honda pulled up beside me. “Hey, buddy, need a ride?” the driver called as he leaned out of the window.
The roaring engine awoke me from my daze. I hoisted my tired body from the ground, and grabbed my suitcase. “Sure.”

This was completely unbelievable. A dream come true. In all these hours, I’d never thought there would actually be someone out here, travelling in this God-awful heat.
Throw your stuff in and come on.” A smile spread on the man’s lips as he motioned to the back seat.

I threw my case next to his luggage and hurried to sit in the front passenger seat. “You’re a lifesaver, man,” I said, the words muffled as I slipped my shirt over my head.

He pulled out onto the road and a warm breeze from the open vents blew across my sweat covered face. I inhaled a breath of the musky air, wishing it was cooler than the outside air, before I hung my arm out of the open window.

Sorry, no air. You look like you can use a drink, though.” The man waved a bottle of water out to me and I accepted. “What are you doing sitting beside the road, anyway?”

The water was lukewarm as I chugged on the bottle. “Car. Broke. Down,” I said between gulps.
Oh, damn that sucks.” He shook his head. “So where ya going?”
Don’t know.” I wiped at the remains of water left on my lips.
God, I needed that drink. Now that the world didn’t appear foggy, I saw, in close range the man who had saved me from heat exhaustion.

His short, dusty blond hair ruffled in the wind. A cigarette hung from slightly parted lips—the breeze threatened to stifle it. He wore a sleeveless shirt, the sides torn down from the armpits, exposing his muscular arms and a peep of his slender stomach.

The man looked at me briefly before turning his eyes back on the road. “Are you a loner, then?”
Sort of.” I choked out, exhilarated by the thoughts of him running through my head.

Maybe it’s just the heat getting to me.

* * *

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  1. The hot cover caught my eye, but your premise and excerpt grabbed me. I love the traveling carnival as a backdrop for your romance. The lights, the behind-the-scenes drama, the constant movement - how fascinating that you were actually part of that for awhile. Sounds fabulous, Azalea, and I enjoyed your Tush's Ten Questions very much.

    1. Thanks, Bebe! I totally agree, a fun and unique setting for a romance. Loved it!