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Tush's Ten with Piper Vaughn & Moonstruck #Interview

I'm double --nay, triple!-- pleased to welcome one half of my fave writing duo to my blog, Piper Vaughn!  *woot woot* *confetti*

Tush's Ten Questions – Piper Vaughn

1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

They call me Piper, and I hail from Illinois, USA. I live about half an hour outside of Chicago. :)

2. What inspires you?

Really, just about anything. Movies, books, music, news articles, something I might see on the street or the subway or in the airport. I think inspiration comes from all things.

3. Describe your writing style in three words:

Simple, sweet, sexy (I hope :P)

4. What's next in store for you?

Currently working on a few ideas, and can’t wait to share!

5. Read any good book(s) lately?

I have, in fact. The last book I read and loved was an M/M fantasy by Kim Fielding called “Brute.”

'Moonstruck' (#3 in ‘Lucky Moon’ series)

1. ‘Moonstruck’ is the third installment in your band series, ‘Lucky Moon’. What inspired the idea for this particular story?

The idea for writing about Em and Surya started in the first book, “Moonlight Becomes You,” sort of as a fluke. MJ put in one of her chapters that Em was crushing on Surya and we kind of just rolled with it. Eventually, once both Shane and Nick had stories, we decided to revisit Em and Surya to tie it all together.

2. The story involves mainly musicians, and those in the music industry. How important is music to you? Could you live without it?

Vital! I listen to music for hours at a time almost every day. It would be really hard to survive without it. As the Nietzsche quote goes, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” I already have a tattoo that represents one of my favorite musicians, Ed Sheeran, and I have plans on getting another soon that signifies my love of music in general. :)

3. You write as a team, as well as solo projects. How long have you been writing together, and how did your writing relationship begin?

I believe we started writing together in February of 2011, so this coming February will make 2 years. MJ and I met in the M/M Romance Group over on Goodreads and got closer when we both became part of the same critique group as its founding members, along with a few other people. I brought up the idea of co-authoring and MJ seemed amenable to the idea. We were in the midst of planning a spy series when I was struck with the idea for “Moonlight Becomes You” (the inspiration for the story was actually an episode of “South Park”). I told MJ about the idea, she liked it, and the rest is history.

4. As a story comes in three parts, and this is a music story, pick me three music videos that reflect how you feel the story goes.

Hmmm. This is hard. LOL. And of course, these are all me. I’m sure MJ’s would be totally different. :P

“One More Night” – Maroon 5 – Surya and Em don’t have a volatile relationship as depicted in this song, but it’s more the idea of the song—having this person who you can’t resist and wishing you could rid yourself of the desire for them by giving in to the idea of “just one more time.” And obviously, that tends to backfire.

“One Thing” – One Direction – I know you’re probably laughing, Tush, but I’ve been on a 1D kick for months and I listened to them a lot while writing “Moonstruck.” This song is cutesy and pretty far from hardcore rocker, but it reminds me of Surya’s feelings about Em. :)

“Look After You” – The Fray – This one is kind of self-explanatory, but it applies to both Em and Surya.

(And this might be the most random list ever, but…well, that’s me in a nutshell. LOL.)

5. If your book was a music video, how would it go? Talk me through it ;p

Oh, jeez. You’re trying to kill me. LOL.


It would start out with a couple of guys in the midst of a steamy sex session. Then one would sneak off while the other is asleep. They’d see each other again, and at first they’re shown trying to avoid each other. Then a confrontation, which leads to a montage of them slowly getting comfortable with each other and becoming friends, then lovers. Add in some drama and one having to tuck tail and apologize and end it with a sweet kiss. That would about sum it up. :)

Thanks for playing Tush's Ten!

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Check back here tomorrow (3rd January) for MJ's post! :)

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