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Crucifox UK Word Glossary

For those who aren't familiar with Brit-speak, I've compiled a handy word glossary while writing the Crucifox series. If there are any other words you were confused by, let me know and I'll include them in the glossary!

Crucifox are from London, England. There are no 'cor blimey, guv'nor's, but there are lots of other words and phrases. Brandon is from Glasgow, Scotland.

Enjoy! (or "knock yourself out", as we'd say.)

Crucifox Word Glossary

Argy bargy – Fight, Drama, a 'to do'
Arsed – Bothered
Awright – Hello
Cabbie – Taxi driver
Chod, Turd, Poo, To 'take a dump' – Shit
Chuffed – Pleased (Not to be confused with 'Chuff' – Vagina)
Flat, Bedsit – Apartment
Gob – Mouth
Greasy Spoon – CafĂ©
Handy – Useful
Jo Ho – Jehovah's Witness
Knickers – Female underwear
Leary – Aggressive
Loo, Lav, Bog, Shitter, Bathroom – Toilet
Lift – Elevator
Nancy, Fanny – Wimp
Nick – Steal
Paddy, Strop – Tantrum
Pants, Kecks – Underwear
Pull, Pulling, to 'cop off'  – To score a date
Rolf – Vomit
Row, Barney – Fight, Argument
Sarnie – Sandwich
Scrap, Ruck, Tussle, Shillelagh's law, To 'deck someone' – Fight
Skint – Broke
Spliff, Jazz Fag – Joint, Marajuana
Tory – Conservative Political Party
Trousers, Trewsers, Strides – Legwear
Weed, puff, henry, ninebar – Marajuana
Whinge, Gripe – Complain

Crucifox Phrases

Argy, Eggy, To 'get a cob on' – Bad Mood
A bollocking, to 'tear them a new one' – A telling off, to have a go at someone
Betty swollocks – Sweaty bollocks
Bog Wash – Stick someone's head down a toilet
Do you want a belt in the gob? – Be quiet
Eh up – Hello / Check that out
Flapping – Fussing
Have a paddy / strop on – Throw a tantrum
Have it off / Cop off – A romantic encounter
If you can be arsed – If you wouldn't mind
Tit about – Mess about
Up the duff – Pregnant
You what? – I beg your pardon?

Crucifox Curse Words

Bollocks, Balls, Knackers, Nads, Goolies – Testicles
Bugger, Roger, To 'go in the back door' – Anal Sex
Chuff, Twat, Fanny, Flaps, Minge – Vagina
Dick, Prick, Todger, Tackle – Penis
Dickhead, Plank, Berk, Git, Twat, Tit – Idiot
Fuck, Shag, On The Job, To 'have it off'  – Sex
Wank, Toss – Masturbate
Wanker, Tosser – Masturbator

Brandon's from Glasgow

Aye – Yes
Away wi' ye – Go away / Be quiet
Eejit – Idiot
Eh? – I beg your pardon?
Hauld yer wheecht – Be quiet
Houe you – Hey, you
Nae borra – No bother
Scunnered – Drunk
Stander – Erection
Trewsers – Trousers
Wee – Small

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