Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tush's Birthday Fic Prompt

Tush's Birthday Fic Prompt!

Ends 30th March

The end of March brings my birthday, and it looks like my main birthday present will be a new tooth filling root canal (oh goody goody!) :o/

Real-life has been a mega drag lately, so I thought I'd make use of my lovely writerly friends and tap your talent & wizardly fingers to help me escape drab reality!


Pretty please? 

It doesn't have to be a full story; even just a scene would be cool. I promise I will love your effort. Be it funny, serious, fantasy or abstract, I want to see it! 

Preferably M/M, as I like to read about men, please. Doesn't have to have smexin' in it. I'm all for lust-filled looks, crushes, or loving gazes from afar. Drabble length; it's all good!

Below I'm going to list some themes I like, and also put in photo prompts. Feel free to run wild, or use your own ideas.

My birthday is the end of the month (March) and I'll run this contest until Sunday 30th March. Please post a link to your offering in the comments section on this blog post. You can post whenever your fic is ready, and feel free to write as many as you want!
(I'm being hopeful, here!)

And now, without further ado, the inspiration prompts!

Prompt 1: Ancient Egypt, specifically, ANUBIS. Gold-sheened, tan male bodies in short skirts, sandals, and metal jewelery. Mmm.


Prompt 2 Mermen! Slippery wet scales, the sea, long drifting hair, and nubile bodies :3
Or men in water, bathing! Water is good in general. 

 Prompt 3:   Bad boy rockers! Unstable, unhinged, a little beat up and in need of rescue!

 Prompt 4Any rockstar band-fic in general, actually. Whatever you fancy!

Prompt 5: Red-haired men

And those are my prompts!

Thank you!

*waits patiently by computer* 


  1. You and your mermen :P What would you do with a red-headed rocker merman?

    1. Lock him up and keep him in a tank?! lol

      Altho he couldn't play any electrical instruments in water. That would be a recipe for disaster!

    2. Your raise a very good point. Alas, rocker mermen would simply have to use acoustic instruments. Or come up with a different way of conducting electricity that would not put the mermen in danger.

  2. Well if Sebastian the crab can sing underwater... lol ^__^

  3. Unfortunately our red-head merman isn't a rocker ;D

    - Kat Merikan (the damn thing doesn't let me sign in with a different name :()

    1. I'm happy to keep mermen & rockers separate!! lol ;p

  4. OMG that bad boy rockers thing AND THE RED HAIR THING have me all googly-eyed now... so many of my favourite kinks <333!

  5. Our red-head merman story :)

    Kat and Agnes Merikan

  6. Rekin pushed himself to go faster, uncaring of the way the current pushed against every stroke of his fins. The great basin that demarcated the edge of the patrolled territories was fast approaching, but Rekin didn't slow, just cast a quick glance back to make sure he wasn't being followed.

    He wasn't, as usual. No one cared what he did, so long as it didn't reflect poorly on Kayeen. Granted, being caught leaving the safe areas of the territory would reflect poorly on Kayeen, but only if he were caught. The sea floor abruptly dropped away into nothing below him, and Rekin slowed, letting the current wash fresh water over his gills, replenishing the oxygen he'd expended.

    "Carac?" Rekin called, twisting around to stare back the way he'd come. It was quiet, the light from the sun setting far, far above barely filtering down to where he was. Below, the basin stretched out, dark and fathomless.

    Kayeen had made him late, and Carac had given up on waiting. His heart sinking, Rekin bobbed aimlessly, debating between trying to find Carac and sneaking back home and trying tomorrow instead. Finding Carac wasn't really an option, though; he lived in the basin, somewhere. Rekin had visited Carac's burrow more than once, but Carac had always guided him through the darkness.

    He wouldn't let Kayeen keep him tomorrow, Rekin resolved, even if it meant raising more suspicions about his behavior. Flipping his fins lazily, Rekin contemplate the basin again, then started to swim slowly back towards the safe edge of the basin.

    "Rekin, wait!"

    Rekin immediately turned back, darting towards the shadow separating itself from the murky darkness of the basin. A handful of Carac's tentacles rose up to catch him, twining sinuously around Rekin's tail and torso, insinuating themselves gently between his fins. Rekin threw his arms around Carac's neck, kissing him to stop whatever greeting was on Carac's lips.

    Carac didn't seem to mind, kissing him back enthusiastically as they sank slowly back down into the gloom of the basin. The soft caress of Carac's tentacles set Rekin's scales to tingling as they moved slowly, sinuously against him. Carac broke away after a moment, his grip on Rekin never faltering.

    "Akari kept me, sorry," Carac said quietly, pushing them slightly upwards with his free tentacles. "Can you stay?"

    "Kayeen kept me," Rekin said, winding the fingers of one hand into Carac's short hair. It was pitch black, like his tentacles, and soft beneath Rekin's fingers. "He can rot. I'm staying."

    Carac smiled, the expression barely visible as he pulled them into the dark of the basin. Rekin smiled back, helpless to not when Carac looked so happy.


    (Obviously just the start of a longer piece. ;3 /runs)

    1. OOHoooohhh!! :D i say, Ms. Miller!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Here you go, my petal. I hope you like it. :)

    1. EEEEEE how exciting! going to look right now... *skips away gleefully*