Monday, 22 April 2013

#Flashfiction and free short story 'Rhys Has A Crush'

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'Rhys Has A Crush' by Melanie Tushmore
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Nineteen-year-old wannabe rockstar Rhys spends his days hanging out and drinking with his garage band in his friend's house. 

It's not like there's anything else to do in their boring home town.

Then Seb's older brother appears; a gorgeous vision in tight, black clothing, and long dark hair. 

Rhys is instantly attracted, though his attempts to flirt with the mysterious Damien don't go all that well. 

So Rhys resorts to a fail safe plan: steal Damien's phone number, and send him anonymous love-texts.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Lucky for me, Seb left his phone lying around his house. It’d been easy to swipe it, copy Damien’s number, and save it to my own phone. 

But I wasn’t going to use my phone; I wasn’t that dumb. From the mall, I purchased a cheap model phone, and a pack of new SIM cards. Genius. 

When I was home alone on Tuesday night, I set up my new anonymous, stalker-intent phone, and entered Damien’s number in. 

I almost put a pet name in the ID – something like Lust God, or Sex On Legs – then I told myself to get a grip, and focus.

First part of operation ‘Entrap Damien’ had begun...

© Melanie Tushmore

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