Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Review for Jurassic Heart by Anna Martin

Review for

Jurassic Heart

by Anna Martin

My review:

I may not be a massive dino fan, or even know much about science or any of the 'ologies', so perhaps i was worried there'd be lots of technical talk that would go over my head... I needn't have worried, the writing is clear and fast paced enough that i didnt get bored with any of the talk on digs or bones (and yes there is enough cheek and wit to keep my dry sense of humour satisfied!).

Overall this is a wonderful read, a light hearted mystery/whodunnit, sweet and charming, but also packed with action and EEK OMG moments, because i cared about the characters and their bones. (Ahem.)

Great visuals as well, i could really see the characters, the whole cast, and it gelled well for me. Recommended! 

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