Monday, 13 January 2014

#MusicMonday ~ ZOD

Music Monday!

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction

aka 'ZOD'

aka The Psychotronic Love Commandos!

Zod are a British sleaze rock band who popped up in mid '80s and pounded their way through the rock charts until the early '90s. After a break, and some line up changes, they tour and release new records even now (last record We Are Volsung released in 2010).

Probably best known overall for this song: Prime Mover

This video was directed by Adrian 'Vyvyan from The Young Ones' Eadmondson.

This fun rock song has such wonderful lyrics. I.e. ~

I came from the sky like a 747
I'm a bad boy, baby, I fell outta heaven.

Sex Fuhrer, baby, I'm a love dictator
Blitzkreig romance, I'm your leather detonator

Plus, the singer sheds his jacket and grinds like a stripper on top of a tank, while shooting laser beams from his hands to corrupt the 'innocent' girls in the Catholic boarding school. What's not to like?!

This next picture is dedicated to my rocker-writing buddy, Z. Allora <3

Singer Zodiac Mindwarp, aka Mark Manning, is also an author. He writes mainly from his own experiences, accounts of being in a rock band, touring, and political musings.

May I recommend starting with his best known work, Bad Wisdom, co-authored with Bill Drummond from The KLF.

Quote from Bad Wisdom:

“This was the plan: we would take a holy and sacred picture of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, to the very summit of the earth; once there, we would place it with sincere reverence amongst the chimerical shimmering palaces of ice and snow and then (accompanied by some weird Zen magic) we would light joss sticks, dance about making screechy kung-fu noises, get off our faces, and that would be it: Planet Earth saved. Simple.”

Mark Manning, Bill Drummond, Bad Wisdom 

And for those who don't know who The KLF are, this is for you...

Featuring Tammy Whynnette. You may recognise the tune.

Back to Zod.

If you think you can handle the ramblings of a certified rock oddity, then by all means go ahead and try...

Put some Zod on your speakers while you read.

You wanna know about love, baby?
Let me teach ya
Come to church, I'm the preacher!


Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction

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