Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Writing Update: Goodbye, 2013!

A big thank you to all who have enjoyed my books over the last year! Another big thank you to the wonderful authors who write such heartfelt books, and thank you to everyone in the M/M community for simply enjoying what you love. <3

My books and short stories for 2013 were:

Sam Scores A Date
The Haunted Pub
Happy Sodding Valentine's
The Green-Eyed Monster (Crucifox #1)
Rhys Has A Crush

and finally, Goblins (Book #1)!

Considering I'm quite a slow writer, I'm quite surprised at myself  >.< heh.

My greatest writing achievement of 2013? Well, not sure about 'greatest', but the moment that resonated most with me, and made me the happiest, was being able to give a paperback copy of Goblins (the nice, fairy tale one!) to my Gran, and seeing her so happy to read it.

Gran keeps her copy of Goblins next to her bed, and her being proud of it means a lot to me. :) She's read it twice already, and keeps asking when the next one is coming. (Again, I feel bad that I'm such a slow writer! Sorry, Nan! I've told her the next one will be dedicated to her.)

Hello, 2014!

What will the year ahead bring?

I'm excited to announce I've just signed a contract for a new novella, the 'next in line' story to A Bar Tender Tale (Dreamspinner). While the story doesn't feature the same couple as before (Nathan/Auryn) it does take bartender Justin into the spotlight for his own story, as suggested by my muse, Piper Vaughn. :)

Projected release, late summer. And I can't wait!

Other projects:

Yes, I did have rather a lot on my plate, and I am still a slow writer. My sincere apologies for anyone waiting for stories or sequels; I do try my best. If I could hire a ghostwriter, I would! ;p

Last year I started a story which was supposed to be short and breezy but --hah!-- ended up being shelved, then picked back up recently and finished at mega-novel length. (Oops.)

However, I love the story and today, the last day of 2013, I plan to do final tweaks, then submit the story in the new year. Whether it gets approval or not, I do intend to publish it in 2014.

This novel is another contemporary, and a spin off from the Crucifox universe. (No, it's not the sequel to Crucifox #1, sorry about that! It's a different band. Yes, they are mentioned in Cruxifox #1. Yes, the stories do interweave; because I like to make my life difficult, apparently!)

My Writing For 2014: 

Goblins (Book #2) will be my top priority.

I also have a few fantasy-themed short stories I'd like to finish. Wish me luck on all counts!

Happy New Year everyone, have a brilliant 2014 

Much love, Tush <3

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