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Reviews for Phoenix

Reviews for Phoenix

Hey all,

I'm collecting the review highlights for Phoenix.

Hopefully it'll tell you a bit more about the story   ^_^

Review from 3 Chicks After Dark

"Talk about a blast from the past! Reading the obsession with Danny Death and Death Rose brought back fond memories of my teen years.... I remember all too well how quickly teens obsess over an idol or rock musician.

"Alex becomes infatuated with everything Death Rose...

"Danny and Alex manage to find a way to be true to themselves and each other. Together they discover real love, one that can last and withstand distance and the rockstar lifestyle.
I loved this book!!" 

~ Kristy, 3 Chicks After Dark
Rating: Bad Ass Rocker Boots!

* * *

Review from MM Good Book Reviews

"Danny is hyperactive, a wild child, while Alex is more subdued and laid back. Together they balance each other out somewhat. They faced their share of problems and issues while they learned more about each other and how to be a couple.

"If you like, Rock & Roll stories with an edge and just the right dose of angst and some pretty passionate trysts, then you’ll love Phoenix."

~ Portia De Moncur, MM Good Book Reviews
Rating: 4 stars

* * *

Review from Love Bytes

"Phoenix is a different approach to a rocker story… This time not from the rock star’s POV but that of an adoring fan...

"And really, it’s a fairytale romance wrapped up in a new love, first time, coming of age story. And that difference is what kept me reading...

"Phoenix is set in London, the late 1980s, a time of glam rock: guys onstage with big hair and big makeup...
"The author, with a kind of chatty approach, takes us step-by-step through Alex’s climbing out of his grief, moving into a new life, and making friends. We see his fan-boying after Danny not only as an awakening to life again but as a discovery of his sexuality...

"I would recommend Phoenix to readers who want something sweet, slow-paced, a bit angsty, but ultimately fun and satisfying."

~ Elizabetta, Love Bytes Reviews
Rating: 4 stars

* * *

Thank you, dear reviewers, for sharing your thoughts on my boys!   ^_^

Phoenix is available now from Less Than Three Press, in ebook and print!


Young painter Alex Tatton has always loved music. When a tragic accident takes away his parents, he turns to a darker style of music and discovers the rock band, Death Rose. Feeling isolated from his own life, Alex develops a crush on guitarist Danny Death who, despite the name, is vivacious, full of life, and has a reputation for being 'the nicest guy in rock n' roll'.

After a gig, Alex finds Danny to give him a signed painting. Danny is everything a star should be: charming, sexy, a beacon of light in Alex's otherwise dark life, and after meeting him Alex is determined to see him again—and this time he wants more than just an autograph.

  • Pairing: M/M
  • Content: Contains explicit content.

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