Monday, 1 September 2014

Tipsy Blog Tour collected posts

Collected here are all the blog posts from Gus Li's and Tushmore's #TipsyBlogTour


Gus is promoting this new release:

'Wine and Roses' by Gus Li

Book Blurb:

Mage Yarroway L’Estrella decided the Battle of the Starlight Bridge when he summoned fire from the heavens. The blaze decimated much of the vineyard that has been in Alain Lamont’s family for nine generations. Mountain Shadow Winery may no longer be able to support Alain’s family or the dozens of others who call it home, but Alain vows not to fail all those depending on him.

Mercenary Fabrezio Orvina d’Caelus, Breeze to his friends, appreciates Alain taking him in when he’s badly wounded after the battle, but he has no intention of living the dull life of a farmer any longer than necessary. Though he likes the vintner, he sees Alain as soft and sheltered, hardly a man who can understand a warrior’s calling.

As they live and work together, Alain realizes Breeze isn’t exactly the amoral opportunist he suspected, and Breeze sees more strength in Alain than he thought possible of a simple winemaker. Life on the estate is richer and less boring than Breeze first imagined. With ingenuity, courage, and cooperation, they may devise a way to revitalize the vineyard and move beyond the pain and loss of their pasts.

~  ~ ~

And I am promoting this new release:

 'Love on the Rocks' by M. Tushmore

Book blurb:  

Twenty-six-year-old barman and cabaret entertainer Justin has recently moved to London for a fresh start. Charismatic and flirty, Justin is naturally the center of attention wherever he goes. There’s only one problem: the object of Justin’s affections, a handsome, enigmatic bartender named Yena, isn’t won over by Justin’s charm. In fact, he flat out turns Justin down.  

Stripping off his showmanship frills and charms, Justin aims for a different approach: reveal himself for who he is. Underneath his public face Justin is an honest young man who wants someone special to share his time with… and laugh at his awful jokes.

Justin can only hope the real him is irresistible to the man he loves.

 ~ ~ ~

Here are the Tipsy Blog Tour posts in full, so far:

Stop 01: Piper Vaughn

Stop 04: Love Bytes

Stop 05: JP Barnby

Your response to our blog tour has been absolutely WONDERFUL, and we're honestly so touched by you taking the time to comment.


The competition is now closed, the first drawn winner is Jen CW (ebooks, artwork, goodies and more!) and with second place winner Serena S (ebooks only). Congratulations!

Emails have been sent out. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and shared a virtual drink with us along the way!

Love from, Gus & Tush <3 

~ ~ ~

Check out 'Wine and Roses' by Gus Li.

Check out 'Love on the Rocks' by M. Tushmore.

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